BeatSneaks - MIDI sneakers

BeatSneaks – MIDI sneakers

July 27, 2009
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I’m a huge fan of out-of-the-ordinary MIDI devices of all kinds.  For some reason, the concept of crossing sneakers with a drum machine had never crossed my mind, but now it’s all I can think about, thanks to a cool how-to article and video from Tom Hobson at Hobgob Eclectronics, about their prototype “BeatSneak” project.  There are sensors in the toe and heel of each shoe, giving you a total of four “pads” to work with.

more info at Hobgob Eclectronics here: BeatSneak Howto

found via Make Magazine – BeatSneaks and via Instructables – Musical MIDI Shoes


  1. Muxx

    Nice find man.

    Reminds me of these midi cubes these guys made that basically interacted with each other when they got close to another – they also changed colors, very cool.

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