The All New

The All New

May 31, 2009
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Welcome to the new design of It’s been a long time coming – the last redesign was in 2006, so we’re actually a bit overdue. Please bear with us as the site is populated with new content, and as always please feel free to post some comments on the blog, or in the forum!

p.s. This post will stay on top of all other posts (even newer ones) until everything is finished, so don’t think that new content isn’t being added!  Just look below!


  1. Chris

    The new design looks great! Thanks for linking to I really appreciate it.

    If you need any guest posts on MPC design, technical or anything, e-mail me. I’d be happy to help out!

    Site definitely looks great.

    1. admin

      I’d love to have you do some guest posts. In fact, I’ll just hook you up with an author account to post as you wish (and obviously feel free to link back to Beat Status in all of your posts).

  2. admin

    Different skins are in the works as well, appreciate the feedback, I’ll be sure to make darker skins to pick from.

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