Joe Budden vs. Method Man - What the blood clot?

Joe Budden vs. Method Man – What the blood clot?

August 4, 2009
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Joe Budden over the years has turned into the new 50 Cent. No, we are not talking about a multi-platinum selling artist. We are talking about beefing with rappers for no apparent reason. Beefing with rappers to get publicity for themselves. Joe Budden had a little underground buzz in 2003.  His self-titled album, “Joe Budden” was released.  The debut had some positive feedback, but it did not sell like he and others thought it would. Joe began to do a few underground mixtapes to create buzz for his sophomore album, and during this period he began to unleash some lyrical fury.


Budden began to diss the Game, Saigon and Jay-Z, and his latest victim is Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man. Some beefs should not happen. Joe Budden beefing with Method Man is like Bow Wow beefing with Rakim. There really is no contest. One of the most intriguing beefs in quite some time, and no one really cares. Many hip hop fans have no clue who Joe Budden is. If they do know who he is, they only know he hit single, “Pump It Up“.  This beef is similar to the Game versus Jay-Z: one rapper is younger, proclaiming the veteran has passed their prime. The younger rappers try to build credibility by dissing a veteran in the rap game. 9 times out of 10, it backfires. Joe Budden struck a match with subliminal disses to Method Man:

Joe Budden’s D.O.A. Freestyle (video after the break):

“They gasping, time-out go take a break from the clay and grab a Gatorade/A bad contract, team can’t make a trade/Majors fuckin’ you in the ass/You gonna stay a slave…Shit is fucked up and I blame it on the way it was paved/So I’ll chill for the sake of your age/You’re great live, but let me know when that stage get appraised.”

Method Man has said on countless interviews that he is not into beefing with other rappers. He just wants to make great music at the end of the day. Method Man decided to not diss Joe Budden back but he did discuss why Joe Budden should not waste his bars on M-E-T-H-O-D Man. Inspectah Deck of the Wu-Tang Clan decided to diss Joe Budden on a track called “House N***a.


Inspectah Deck’s House N***a (video after the break):

“First of all, you a blogger, YouTube goon/House n*gga,” Deck raps. “I see you like to put your world online, ain’t nobody checkin’ for you/They checkin’ for your girl’s behind/While your homie in the bedroom, dustin’ his eyes/While you filmin’ dumb sh*t/They probably f*cked a few times/How you Slaughterhouse, you barely get a nod/I’m convict, benchin’ daily in the yard/So I’m built like Optimus Prime/You couldn’t see me with binoculars, I’m/way ahead of you…This n*gga’s life’s a publicity stunt/But he think he fever/I ain’t a believer/Def Jam chucked him/They ain’t feel him neither/Why are you talking like the Morpheous of rhymes/When my first sh*t sold more than all your sh*t combined…Mef let you live, I’ma set it/And I ain’t on the phone but you get the text message…And I ain’t gotta talk about Gloria Velez/Stalker a** n*gga, you were callin’ her obsessed.”

Joe Budden took the Method Man route and dissed Inspectah Deck with his words not on wax.  Chi-King also chimed in on Joe Budden on his track called “Righteous Kill”.


Chi-King’s Righteous Kill (video after the break):

“Got questions for ya label whats the real intent ?/ I know this dude dont think he 50 cent /
50 got money and hood credibility not some crazy maybe runnin round the industry /4real 4 real word for word u get / blasted go from a padded room end up in a padded casket/”

“You bit Jigga style try to spar with meth / Saigon stomped a hole in ya ass u still test /throwin punches off the court like Ron Artest/have me droppn bombs get on dawgs i flex/

Inspectah Deck and Chi-King attacking Joe Budden on Method Man’s behalf might not be a fair fight but Wu affiliates have always had each others backs. Joe Budden retracted his statements he made against Method Man claiming they were of “bad taste.”  Joe Budden and Method Man officially squashed their beef on July 20th 2009, at the Rock the Bells show in Wantagh, New York.

The Aftermath:

Method Man and his partner in crime, Redman, released their second album in 10 years, “Blackout 2!” on May 19th, 2009. Both men are currently on tour with The Alchemist, Termanology and Dilated Peoples called “Still High”. A sequel to How High is also in the works.

Joe Budden has finally released his second album, “Padded Room”. He is releasing two follow-up albums called “The Great Escape” and “Escape Route” in the fall of 2009. Budden is also apart of a rap supergroup called Slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouse consists of four rappers, Joe Budden, Crooked I, Royce Da 5’9 and Joell Ortiz. Slaughterhouse is releasing their debut album on August 11th, 2009.

Joe Budden – D.O.A. Freestyle

Inspectah Deck – House Nigga

Chi-King – Righteous Kill


  1. d_enajetic

    Umm, this is such a dead issue, it was resolved before you wrote this. Furthermore, if you actually knew the history of the beef (which was unintentional) you wouldn’t have shaped your article to show Budden as a troublemaker.

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