Best Hip-Hop Inspired Instrumentals of 2000-2009

Best Hip-Hop Inspired Instrumentals of 2000-2009

February 24, 2010
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Hip-Hip production is unlike many other genres of music – producers create beats from many different sources. The fact that so much of hip hop revolves around sampling, actually forces a close-minded producer to open up to other genres. Whether it’s appreciating the breakbeats of psychedelic rock groups from the 60s, the melodic synth loops of the 80s, or the progressive variety of Krautrock; every sample-based producer is forced to listen to other genres of music, in search of these samples. Many times this will lead to having a larger appreciation for music in general, which in turn opens you up to all sorts of creativity.

In addition to getting inspiration from older genres via sampling and etc, it’s incredibly useful to listen to other types of current music, without any intention of sampling. Staying aware on the progression of other music styles is essential. With that being said, here is just a small selection of hip-hop inspired music that I highly recommend for expanding your musical palette.  This is a “Best of” post, but obviously it’s next to impossible to list every good song or even album released over the last decade. If you know of some good music, please post them in the comments below!

Instrumental music, heavily sample based with breakbeats. This is one artist you should not be sleeping on.

Glitch Mob
Collection of producers and DJs that specialize in “glitch” music, heavily influenced by hip-hop. In fact, they have crazy remixes with some dope artists (Lupe, Mos, etc.)

TM Juke
More instrumental music, heavily sample based with breakbeats. This is one artist you should not be sleeping on either.

Dday One
Some truly heavy and hypnotic beats. Cop this music asap. All instrumentals

Third Eye Foundation
Again, more deep and hypnotic beats.

Dissecting different types of music into some pretty rich tracks.

Soulful voice, breakbeats, samples, very dope vocalist/soul album

Little People
Instrumental beats. When I first got this album, it was on constant rotation for months

Dirty Elegance
This one took a while to grow on me, but has become one of my favorite albums.


  1. hellek

    Dope constellation!
    I especially enjoyed “Little People”…

    Feel free to check out my site, as well as i also try to mix some different kind of music into sample-based breakbeats.

  2. hiphopsoundz

    All dope stuff listed here. I am especially happy to see you put Bonobo on the list; Some of the best instrumental music I’ve ever heard (though some newer stuff has vocals).


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