Wax.FM - a new way to dig for records online

Wax.FM – a new way to dig for records online

April 30, 2010
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This morning, I just found out about a new service called Wax.fm, which is described as a place to  “help you find your favorite albums on vinyl both online and in the real world.”  It’s actually a pretty simple concept – search for any record by artist name, album name, or catalog number.  After finding the album you are looking for, you are presented with details for that record, along with links to purchase on ebay and amazon.

While it may not be much better than just going to ebay and searching directly, in due time this seems like a service that could prove to be very useful to all the crate-diggers and dustmites out there.  I also decided to test the site out, and see how well it did for finding a semi-rare album:

Can – Tago Mago

After searching just “Can” on the main page, their “Tago Mago” album was actually the fourth result, after “Confrontation by Bob Marley and the Wailers” (not sure where “can” was found in that), “Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream,” and “Soon Over Babaluma by Can.”

Unfortunately, at this point the site begins to fall apart a bit.  All but two of the links listed for this album are broken (I’m guessing because they are using forward-slashes in the link titles and addresses).  Anyways, once clicking on a valid link, a few more details for the album are displayed along with the ebay and amazon links, followed by a link that says “You might like the list: Killer Krautrock.”  Why yes, I do believe I might like Killer Krautrock…

So aside from being a fairly new service, despite the current issues with the site, and ignoring the simple features – this new service seems like it could end up being an invaluable tool for vinyl addicts all over the place.  I’ll be keeping an eye on it, and look forward to perhaps even integrating some of their features (or even their actual site) into HipHopProduction’s crate digging tool – SampleDig.  Stay tuned!


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