Using Cool Edit to make beats

Using Cool Edit to make beats

May 31, 2009
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For those of you who dont know, Cool Edit 2.0 or higher ( Now known as Adobe Audition ) can be set up into a Fast and Bangin Beat Machine!

The Concept is Simple. If you can set the Time Ruler to Display Bars and Beats, Have the ruler then corespond with the Session Tempo, and then have Samples Snap to the Got a breeding ground for Bangin Beats.

(Note: All Steps Are Done in multi-Track View)

First “Right Click” on the Ruler and set the time value to “Bars And Beats”.

Now set your BPM by going to VIEW and CHECk ENABLE “Show Session Properties”.

Next Goto EDIT on the Top Menu Bar and Scroll Down to “Snapping” and enable Snap to Ruler (coarse).

Now bring in your Individual Drum Samples and start aligning them to the ruler, they should” “snap to the beats and bars). If you want to make copys of the Bass Drum or Snare ect, hold down the “Shift Key” when dragging a Wave Block. If you want 16 notes or other Quantize Values zoom in and out, the Ruler Will Show Diffrent Quatizing Values. Once you got your first loop, 1 bar ect, Select All” and Hold Down the “Shift Key” and drag them to the next bar 2:1:0 eCT,continue this for as long as you want and make changes and additions. You can also throw in “Perfect” Looped Melodies and snap the to your ruler.If the dont match make sure the block has “Enabled Looping”.

If you notice that your Beat does not change with the Sesson tempo when its changed, that is becuase the Samples DO NOT Have “Enabled Looping”. In Order To Have You Beat Anchor and Change to Session Tempo Changes, Looping must be enabled on each sample, Regardless if there Single shot samples.
Its is important to Enable Looping as soon as you bring in the first sample of its type into the multitrack. This way, The Looping Function Gets copied when making copies of That wave block. To Enable Looping: “Right CLick” on the Sample And Scroll To “Loop Properties”. A New “Pop-Up menu” Appears. Check Enable the Box With the Words “Enable Looping” Beside it. Now For Single Shot Samples, Stop Here And Hit “OK”. For “Perfect” Loop Samples There is a Looping Function in the “Looping Box”That lets you enter the Number of beats in the loop. Enter the appropriate number of beats and ignore the Box with “BPM” on the right hand side. On the Same Pop-Up Menu, Chose The “Tempo Matching” Method, Such as Time Stretch or Beat Slice. Now hit “Ok” and Do the same For Other Samples Brought in to the Multi-Track For the First Time. If all done Correctly, your beat will respond to any tempo changes you make in Session Properties.

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