Turntablism in the Digital Age

Turntablism in the Digital Age

June 10, 2009
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As a great follow-up to the recent post on DJ schools gaining popularity, Create Digital Music has posted an article on Stanton SCS.3d and Open Scratch Scripting, and a video example featuring DJ Jungleboy and another with DJ Pegasus.  This article also links to a new Freeware DJ software called Mixxx.  Hip Hop Production will be posting much more on Mixxx in the near future – and stay tuned for an upcoming series on video scratching with VirtualDJ, and non-destructive scratching.

via Create Digital Music:

… it’s fun just watching DJ Jungleboy work behind a pair of Stanton SCS.3d controllers. These instruments seem designed for him. In a way, a lot of what he’s doing could easily be done with a sampler and drum pad, like an MPC setup…

… you can script the SCS.3d with Mixxx, the open source DJ tool for Windows, Mac, and – yep – Linux. Serato is a terrific and solid tool, but if you’re looking for something a little different, Mixxx looks terrific.

This also demonstrates why choice makes controllers much more powerful, just as you’d want choices and versatility with a musical instrument.

and some more info on MIDI Scripting with the SCS.3d at the Mixxx Development Blog, along with videos:

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