Sound Scientists - Raw Materials Volume 1 (2003)

Sound Scientists – Raw Materials Volume 1 (2003)

July 17, 2009
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To follow-up the latest Sound Scientists release, we will be posting the rest of the albums in the catalog over the next few weeks.  After getting a few requests for the first album, here is Raw Materials Volume 1, produced by Smoothbeats and Trioptic, and featuring Alter Ego (Niko & Nes) – now known as Damaged Goodz, True1, Porn Dogs, Stealth Entity, Naut (RIP), Question?, Vs-a-tyle and more.  This originally came out in 2003, but had a very limited release.  In fact, the file posted is not the retail copy of the album – it’s missing the intro, has an additional instrumental (“Art of Noise”), and the tracklist is a little out of order.  Other than that, enjoy!


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