Sound Scientists – Instrumentally Sound (2009)

Sound Scientists – Instrumentally Sound (2009)

July 14, 2009
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8 21782 1 is happy to announce a long-overdue release from Sound Scientists, entitled “Instrumentally Sound.”  This instrumental-only album was produced by Trioptic of the Sound Scientists, and features 20 beats created over the last 5 years.   Links to free download posted below album art.  Please enjoy this release, and feel free to share (please do!)

Instrumentally Sound is the first official solo release from Trioptic of Sound Scientists.  The album includes a few beats previously featured on Adult Swim, along with instrumentals used by 12 O’Clock (Brooklyn Zu) and Chi-King.  You can also check out the music video for Nocens Sonitus at the bottom of this post.  For more information on Sound Scientists, you can check out a list of credentials here:



Music Videos:

Nocens Sonitus:

Rich ‘n Stingy – Live, performed by Chi-King and 12 O’Clock (Brooklyn Zu)


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  2. Jardin

    I went online to sample instrumental hip-hop, and fell in love with these sounds! I need it for my young poets- to inspire them, and to teach them how to work with mood. All I can say is THANK YOU! It’s perfect. (I should have known this too- it’s got New York City {especially Brooklyn} written all over it!) And, to that guy Ed- get a dollar, dude. Support art!

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