Software Compressor Wars

Software Compressor Wars

May 31, 2009
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Well, I’ve heard a lot of questions about whether one compressor sounds different than other ones. I decided to find out for myself by comparing them. Basically, I took 5 compressors (Waves Bundle, Golden Compressor, Sonalksis SV-315, Sonitus, and TC Native DeX) and then a drum loop and sample and compared them.

I used the same settings on every compressor each time. Here are some of the screen shots of the compressors I used to work in Sonar 4 with the drum loops first.

Here is the original drumloop: OriginalDrumloop.wav

Sonitus: (SonitusDrumloop.wav)

TC Native DeX: (TCNativeDeXDrumloop.wav)

Golden Compressor: (GoldenCompressorDrum..>)

Sonalksis SV-315: (SonalksisSV-315Druml..>)

Waves: (WavesBundleDrumLoop.wav)

As you can see there are big differences in each compressor. Here are some screen shots I worked with the compressors on a sample in Sonar

Here is the original sample: OriginalSample.wav

Sonitus: (SonitusSample.wav)

TC Native DeX: (TCNativeDeXSample.wav)

Golden Compressor: (GoldenCompressorSamp..>)

Sonalksis SV-315: (SonalksisSV-315Sampl..>)

Waves: (WavesBundleSample.wav)

Not as big of a difference here, since the dynamic range is much smaller..

Mainly drums benefit the most from compression as you can tell. The best one on the drums was in my opinion was the Sonalksis SV-315. I like my drums to thump and it gave me that feel although Golden Compressor was a good one too. I didn’t like the Sonitus one but it is a stock compressor that comes with Sonar so you cut some slack there.

Of course, compression takes some serious time playing with each setting, depending on what you are going for, and it has a LOT to do with the room you are listening to your mix in.. just like EQ. Everyone has a different ear, but this should help you decide which could be right for you

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  1. max

    the one you like (SonalksisSV) has a RMS which is 3db louder than Waves and 4db louder than Sonitus…that might be the reason you like it more. If might be a more fair comparison to match intensity on the output…

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