Sample Chopping in Cool Edit Pro 2.0

Sample Chopping in Cool Edit Pro 2.0

May 31, 2009
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Sample Chopping in Cool Edit Pro 2.0 or Higher Part 1:
Chopping up Samples in Cep for use in Samplers.

(All Steps Are Executed in SINGLE WAvE FORM EDITING VIEW)

So you got a sweet sample you recorded in to CEP and now you want to Disect the sample so you can utilize it’s most sufficent parts, how are you going to achieve this? There is a methods I came upon that I found to be the fastest and easiest when it comes to chopping samples in CEP. This method will take a selection you’ve chosen. such as a Bass Drum, and save it to its own file as your choice of format for later use. The First Method is by far the easiest and fastest, plus it’s really easy to organize, in my opinion.

In order to work faster, we are first going to setup a Shortcut Key for the Function “SAVE SELECTION”. So GOTO OPTIONS/SHORTCUTS(KEYBOARD and MIDI TRIGGERS).
In the new pop up menu, Scroll Down till you come to the commands that start with the letter “F”. Now Look for the command name labeled “FILE SAVE SELECTION”. Click on the command name labled “FILE SAVE SELECTION” and insert a KEY (e.g.: “Z”) in the box labeled “PRESS NEW SHORTCUT KEY”. Now you may click “OK” But Remember you can not have conflicting keys.

OK… That Was the “Hard Part”.

Now all you got to do is Hightlight the Selection you want to save as a file and then hit the shortcut key for “SAVE SELECTION” and then CEP takes you through the normal process when saving, Name your file and save to the format you prefer. Easy and Fast!


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