Reason 5 looks amazing

Reason 5 looks amazing

June 13, 2010
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Whether you are already a user of Propellerhead’s Reason or not, the new version of their flagship software is worth taking a serious look at. The new version comes with a new 8-channel sampler called Dr.OctoRex, which takes the place of it’s older single-sample version, Dr.Rex. Of course, there are plenty of other new features, like per-slice effects, live sampling, and a built-in Auto-Tune-like virtual rack module called Neptune. ¬†Check out all the details at Propellerhead’s website.

Another great feature that both Sonar and Cubase have had for a while is block-based recording. However, it looks like Reason’s implementation is setting a new standard in ease of use. This not only allows you to make a song based on stems/loops/etc. like beat, chorus, bridge, intro, interlude, etc., but it also lets you edit the original stems and affect the song in real-time. You can also edit the stems in song mode, which leaves the others unaffected, but allows you to create variations very easily:

Finally, a very interesting looking module called Kong, which is a 16-pad drum module. The video explains it in simple terms. 16 pads. One sound per pad. Then goes on to show that the source(s) of each pad can include the new Dr.OctoRex Sampler, new built-in drum synths, or just about anything else you want to route into it. Take into account the new live sampling feature that exists in Reason, and this could enhance anyone’s setup that already has a drum-pad controller.


  1. Reason 5

    Just got the program it’s a BEAST! The Kong Drum machine reminds me of battery 3. So many options now when it comes to drum sound designing. I’ve been messing with that unit for 16 hours straight I think i’ll share some kits here soon

  2. Reasonfreaks

    Well all i can say is after trying out Reason 5 it’s just amazing. If you can use Reason and Record together there is nothing more you need. Well and there are plenty of refills and patches for it :)

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