Ohm64 - Handmade USB MIDI Controller

Ohm64 – Handmade USB MIDI Controller

June 4, 2009
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Touted as competition to the APC40, Livid’s Ohm64 looks like something I needed, but wasn’t aware of that until just now. The preview over at Create Digital Music is pretty extensive:


Livid Ohm64:

  • Open source editor, partially open source firmware, open source patches to connect to whatever you want
  • Custom MIDI assignments, for use with whatever you want
  • MIDI for now, but the chipset supports open source solutions for OpenSoundControl (OSC) in the near future – and even DMX (for lighting) is a possibility
  • USB and standard MIDI jacks so you can sequence outboard gear
  • Bus power
  • 64 trigger buttons in a more logical 8×8 array
  • “Made in the USA by humans” – with a beautifully-crafted body
  • Free Cell DNA video software included

Along with videos:


more info at: Create Digital Music

found via The Awesomer

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