Numark Scratch Deck Preview

Numark Scratch Deck Preview

June 16, 2009
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Back in October of 2008, news started spreading about a DJ interface for video games.  Actually, ever since learning about DJ Hero (a spinoff of the popular Guitar Hero) producers, beatmakers and DJs have been eagerly awaiting more details.  Recently, Numark released a video preview of how their Scratch Deck will work:

One of the coolest features of this new device, is the inclusion of MPC-style pads to trigger drums!  Looks like we’ve come a long way from Parappa the Rapper and Beatmania.  Now let’s just wait for all the awesome downloadable content and scratch packs!  We will be posting as much content on this as possible, so stay tuned!

Here’s the preview video for Scratch: The Ultimate DJ


  1. Dutch

    “Giving your hands the ‘true feel’ of Hip-Hop.”


    Still looks cool though, I hope it doesn’t cost a fortune. As far as production goes how exactly does it help you make beats?

  2. DJ Emir

    It looks sorta cool, but there should be an actual section of the game focused not so much on the drum pads as actually learning t scratch by teaching the actual scratch paterns with the clicks and record control hand movements.

    Then theres the issue that is happening too often with today’s youth… yes it’s good to learn through games but these days, games is all they do. They sit and play Tony Hawk Skateboarding games rather than actually go out and skateboard, they play Guitar Hero and Rock band rather than learn how to play the actual instruments. With Serato and other vinyl emmulation programs and CDJs there are already a ton of DJs surfacing in the industry that lack the real knowledge and real control necessary to be great DJs. Now with the game there are going to be even more fake DJs that think they can do something and when they try it live it’s probably still going to be a disaster, there is a difference between reality and VIRTUAL REALITY. Something that is virtual is fake, meaning yeah they can rock the crowd on the video game, but in real life they will most likely bomb. It’s like the south park episode of “Guitar Queero” Randy pulls out a real guitar and rocks the same song much better live but the kids are still only interested in the game version LOL.

    Hopefully this will inspire some great DJs of tomorrow rather than make some DJs lazy.

    - DJ Emir
    Real DJs Do Real Things

    DJ Emir

  3. admin

    I agree 100%, but at the same time I think this is a step in the right direction – for example, even when the first Tony Hawk came out on Playstation, there was a less popular, and much harder game called Thrasher: Skate or Die, which was more focused on the actual techniques. This sort of evolved into the newer games, Skate and Skate 2.

    There is of course one huge difference between this and Tony Hawk – in any sports game, you are just translating real world skills into pressing buttons (and swinging your arms around, if you have a wii). Even Guitar Hero has a better alternative, called Guitar Rising, which uses a real (your) guitar as the input. A turntable and drum machine are different though. Imagine being able to play this game, or even go through tutorials by using pads, or a turntable. Both of these things can be translated into input devices easily.

    I’m thinking in time (5-10 years), you could release an interactive album, where you can play along with a keyboard, drum machine, mic, mouse, whatever.

    I see your point, that it will create thousands more myspace pages filled with bad music, but I don’t think a game will be to blame for that.

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