Making Beats with Marco Polo

Making Beats with Marco Polo

June 9, 2009
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Found on Duck Down’s youtube channel:

In this week’s episode of “Double Barrel” Tuesdays, Marco Polo invites you into his world of production. Sit down with Marco Polo as he constructs a beat from start to finish. For all aspiring producers, listen to the detail that goes into his craft, as he searches beyond just looping samples from a single vinyl, and truly goes into the crates using the likes of six different songs, that have nothing to do with each other key wise, and makes them work harmoniously to create a final beat.

1 comment

  1. Medrano

    Great, one of my favourite!
    Simple and concrete, feel the old school of makin’ a beat and the freshness of the samples!!!

    Big up from Venice, Italy!

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