DJ Schools Gaining Popularity

DJ Schools Gaining Popularity

June 8, 2009
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There’s an interesting new article in Time magazine, called Why Deejay Schools are Thriving in a Recession.  The article goes on to mention various DJ schools in the US, including DubSpot in NYC, DJ4LIFE Academy in San Francisco,  FAME DJ School in Central Florida, and DJ-Chicago in… Chicago.  The prices are also listed:

Rankin, for example, charges $600 for a month-long class in Chicago. A five-month intensive course at New York’s DubSpot goes for $1,695. Not cheap, but perhaps better than a $100,000 graduate school tab for a career that is evaporating.

The article surprisingly failed to mention DJ Qbert’s online Skratch University, which launched in May of 2009, and currently costs $60 for 3 months of video lessons.

Update: Also forgot all about Scratch DJ Academy, another amazing looking school for DJs, based in NYC, Miami and LA.

Check out the mentioned DJ Schools (and more) at the following links:







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