Busta Rhymes Looking for Beats

Busta Rhymes Looking for Beats

May 17, 2010
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Once again, big names in the industry are looking for beats from anyone and everyone.  From the Blog on BustaRhymes.com, Send beats to Busta Rhymes at Feedthestreetsforever@gmail.com.

Ever dreamed of turning on the radio and hearing the legendary Busta Rhymes rap ridiculously fast over one of your beats? We’re talking warp speed fast. So damn fast, you have no idea what the hell he’s even talking about…

Well now’s your chance to send Busta your original instrumentals for consideration on upcoming albums.

Link foundvia [King of All Beats] p.s. for anyone that likes keeping on top of these types of posts, be sure to check out the King of All Beats blog.


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