Best Instrumental Albums of 2009

Best Instrumental Albums of 2009

January 5, 2010
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Yes, we’re still alive – and yes, there is plenty on the way. The next few posts will be reflecting on 2009, starting with a link from Hold The Throne.

Hold the Throne Presents Writers Build: The Best Instrumental Albums of 2009

Glad to see El Michels Affair, Radio, Kan Kick and even Sound Scientists mentioned!  I’ll be checking out all of the names I wasn’t familiar with to start out the new year.


  1. Dom Corleone

    Yo HHP! Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed the post.. That Sound Scientists albums is super fresh, I’m diggin it.

    I’ll be subscribing to your RSS feed, let’s build this year!



  2. dirarturo

    Hi I would like to help me share my album on his blog, is a work of experimental music focused on a mystical atmosphere and with some social message.
    a big hug and happy year 2010
    thank you very much!


    Dirarturo tracks produced by surrounding a mystical atmosphere, rooted in a consciousness and social critique, collaborating with various mc’s from the underground hip hop scene in the world. Landscapes everyday is a work of experimental music, but more than anything noteworthy activist sense reflect a retrograde and consumerist society.

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