A lil thing on Milk Crates for Vinyl Records

A lil thing on Milk Crates for Vinyl Records

May 31, 2009
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This is pretty common knowlege but for those who dont know, and havent built a record collection yet but plan to, you will need a place to keep your records organized. People use shelfs, the floor, and what not. But I prefer to use Milk crates. Why? They are sturdy, stackable, customizable, and portable… and *cough cough*.. free.

Im not sure how it is where ever all of you live. But there are only 2 types of crates I can get. Theres one type of crate which loks just right, but its about 2 cm too short for records to fit in there, then there is one thats very large, but fits the records in with a lot of space left. I get all my crates but the back of grocery/supermarkets and drug stores. And you can find them almost everywhere. They are mass produced. I have foudn ways to utilize all my crates, even if they too big or small, ill still use em.
this is the crate that was too small. So what I did was I took a saw and cut off one of the sides. I was able to cut the pastic off within 2 minutes, real quick. I like the small crates liek this becuase they are real easy to see what records you got, like flipping thorugh a book, only draw back is that you cant stack them on top of each other.
heres the larger crate… you can set em up 2 ways but I prefer to have my records like this in the large crate because I can stack another crate on top of this one and literally creat a shelf with it. Its got metal(u cant see) around the edges making it really sturdy. Only draw back abotu these ones is that the are too large.. if you in a real tight spot like I am those couple inches hanging left over can mean alot when stacking.

If you can find these FIND THESE. These are the BEST crates. Unfortunetly I only have ONE, but I have acces to some more at my fam’s crib. They run a corner liquor store since the 50’s, these crates are from that era. They are all wood and metal all around, they are heavy, but super strong. They fit records PERFECT. So stacking these are the best. They waste no space, and you could even hold up a desk with these ones. They dont make these ones any more, but id reccomend thse crates over the 2 plastic ones.

I have this store in my area called the Container store and they sell crates specific for records, but all they are, are over-priced flimsy plastic milk crates fit to perfect. They do fit perfect. So wehter which way you stack records(like a bookshelf or a catalougue) they fit perfect. but I wouldnt stack thes ones, I tried them out and they bend.

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