Besides making music, here at we like to make production-based software as well. Please check back often, as many new tools will be posted soon, along with updates to the existing ones.

Grit Wars

Grit Wars is an attempt to give you a much better idea between the differences of vintage (12-bit) samplers. We’ve put together three kits:

  • Drums, to show the effect of each sampler on kicks, hats, snares and breakbeats.
  • Loops, various samples with everything from keyboards and drums to vocals.
  • Misc, basically just another set of sounds to demonstrate the effects of the sampler.

This kit is sent through each sampler by and some of our users, and then recorded again for comparison.


SampleDig basically scours the internet (well, a predefined list of blogs) for links to popular download sites, as well as popular file extensions. Also, since many blogs use passwords on their files, it lists the “typical” password for that site. (this is still in beta, so the password may not be right 100% of the time).

Hopefully some of you will find it useful – if so, feel free to bookmark, and post feedback – and also feel free to spread the link.

Next version to feature a way to put in your own blogs, and even save/share links.


Beat Meet Player

The Beat Meet started here on around 2003, and since then it has had lots of improvements. One of the biggest featured added to the Beat Meet is the Beat Meet player, which you can check out below: