HHP Interviews Illmind

HHP Interviews Illmind

May 31, 2009
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My man right here needs no introduction if you have been listing to music what I like to call “free of industy manipulation” then you have hear of Illmind.

Coming out of New Jeru, he has blazed several different projects over the last few years. So me and him connected to chop it up about his current project that just got scoped up by BBE his beginnings with the black lung brothers. His mission to change the current state of hiphop and where does he see the game and the current explosions of bedroom beat makers

1. Whats up blah blah, blah, so how was 2004 for you?

Overall, i thought it was a great year for hip hop. Lots of great releases and some unexpected surprises.

2. So you started a long time ago, so how do you think your knowledge of old music has helped you to where you are at today?

Listening to hip hop, and growing up to old soul, funk, and jazz music inspired me a great deal. I can honestly tell you that i’m not that much of an old school cat. There’s a lot of stuff i’m up on, but i know there is a great deal of old music out there that i haven’t come across yet. In a way, it’s great because i’m always finding something new, and that helps me to keep it moving.

3. Tell me about the working with the black lung group. And what did that bring you too?

I’m not close with them so much anymore, but I do speak to Jaeon of the Black Lung Brothers occasionally. As a matter of fact, he’s working on another album and i’ve got a few joints on there. The BLB’s were actually the first cats (group of 3 mc’s) to ever rhyme over my beats, so that was pretty exciting! At that time, I wasn’t taking it seriously, but the talent they brought and the songs we did together made me realize that I had a shot in doing the music thing. So, big shout to the Black Lung Brothers!

4. How often are you performing at beat society?

It’s not a regular thing for me or anything like that, but in total i’ve performed 4 different times. Once in NY, Philly, DC, and LA.

5. So what future projects can you tell me about without jinxing yourself?

There are several things i’ve done and am working on, big and small, that i’m really excited about, and all I can say is just to look out for them! I will mention the album I did with producer Symbolyc One of Strange Fruit Project out of Texas though. It’s an album titled The Art Of One Mind, entirely produced by both of us, which features artists such as Little Brother, Darien Brockington, El Da Sensei, Chip-Fu, Ghostface, Supastition, and more! BBE has scooped it up, and we plan to release it by May of 2005!

6. So how does it all start for you? What gives you the inspiration to go to lab?

Lots of things inspire me, whether it’s hearing something hot on the radio, or bumping some classic shit! I’m a fan first and foremost, and that’s how i’ll always look at music whether i’m involved in it or not. Hearing new and hungry producers gets me going too!

7. You know I can’t let you go without asking you some beat questions.

No doubt!

- How long do you usually work on one joint?

It varies, but i’d say on average, from digging for samples, to tracking out in Protools, about 3 hours. It really varies though.

- How many samples do you usually throw in a beat?

Again, I really couldnt tell you exactly. I like to incorporate both samples and synths in most of my beats. I’m not one of those cats who samples from one record, gets a horn stab here, snare there, filtered bass here, etc and uses 20 different records for one beat! All i’m concerned with is making something hot!

- What do you use for sequencing, ASR?


-What knowledge do you have to pass to future beatmakers.

Don’t get into it for the wrong reasons! Fall back once in a while and remember why you even started doing it. And who cares about what your favorite producer uses!! You should know why, and if you don’t then you shouldn’t be making beats in the first place!

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