HHP Interviews Defari

HHP Interviews Defari

May 31, 2009
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Hello Defari, my name is VOiD, on behalf of HipHopProduction.com -

First of all, why did you and (DJ) Babu decide to form the Likwit Junkies?

Defari: Well, primarily it was because we had done such good work in the past from him being on focus daily, doing the scratches on these dream, to producing Joy Ride for me, producing both for All my Lifes,

I thought it was overdue, so I came to him with the idea and 10 months later we had an album, the LJs

So how was that whole experience?

Well working with Bab is kind of like working with myself, we’re kind of two of the same individuals in terms of our musical background, and the fact that we both have roots in DJs and etc

Working with him was a real pleasure, it was just a natural organic experience and I thought it was about time that the entire world got to experience his whole prod value because he mixed the record as producing the beats, and it showcases his whole production talent as well as my songwriting abilities on a whole nother level

When shopping around for beats, what do you tend to look for, what turns you on?

I’m into melodies, you know? I’m into melodies, I’m into a beat that makes the car knock, you know? Primarily that damn near makes the windows break on the car, you know? SO I’m into heavy heavy kicks, snappy snappy snares, of course I love the west coast clap… and I’m into melodies.

I’m a family oriented type of dude, so I pretty much stick close to the vertebrae of producers in my own camp because within my own camp I have at least 5-7 producers that I know really well who do work with lots of people so, I’m always taking beat cds from up and coming producers. I’m not one of those dudes that says I’m going to listen to it, and then I don’t listen to it. I literally get in the car and put it in, and I ride with it, you know what I mean? …but that’s what I look for in a beat.. Melodic beats that are really knockin

Do you have a personal favorite towards a sampled beat or a keyboard beat?

Man, I don’t care man, as long as it’s knocking. Of course we have our favorite samples that we would like to hear a beat made out of, but to be honest with you, some of the more sonic beats are created from scratch.. no samples. those are the most sonic sounding beats, the one with no samples.

Between the US, and outside the US, where do you feel the most energy from the fans?

I feel the most here in the town.. from the fans in Los Angeles. But in general… generally speaking, it’s hard to say, because depending on the state I’m in, the fans go crazy. you know, and then the other states the fans are looky lous because they are spoiled because they have a lot of live performances.

In Europe, it’s pretty much kind of the same way.. Its just that in Europe they are die hard hip-hop.. they love hip hop. still, somewhat I’m not gonna say , there’s somewhat behind us here in the states as far as technology in terms of hip hop.. In Europe they’d rather buy vinyl than cds any day you know what I’m saying? …but they are true (hip hop) lovers… The difference is that in Europe they know your whole discography, and they know your whole bio as well, so they really get into the artists. and I think that’s because they know the artists come from so far away that its a once in a lifetime chance to see em

that’s a good point, that’s a very good point.. so a little extra love overseas?

It is and it isn’t, it depends on who you are, and where you are at.. I don’t get any more love in the world than I do in LA, but then again that’s my backyard.. Ive been to places like Ottawa Canada, and it was literally like the movie gladiator.. When I touched the stage they were like roaring

I know you guys travel all over the place.. Was there ever a place in the world you performed, where the response just caught you by surprise like, I would never have thought.. Was there any place like that?

Well I think for any artist hat does Europe for his first time, that will be the experience. He’d never thought that people in cologne Germany would be chanting lyrics to his song.. or people in Hamburg, Netherlands, Copenhagen, Switzerland, Barcelona Spain or Madrid or any of that stuff man..

If you do it for the first time, all of that’s going to blow you back like, damn.. These people, my music is that powerful where its around the world, you feel me?

When you are a vet like myself and you’ve done Europe like 8or9 times, it’s tough to get surprised anymore. The only thing that would surprise me now if I went to the corner of Alaska and I rocked like 5000 Eskimos or something, and they knew every word and every lyrics, that would probably surprise me

in your free time, just kickin it, what usually goes on?

man I mean primarily I been just working. if I’m not workin in music then I have another trade in cryogenics.. so primarily I just be workin, and in my free time I spend it with my daughter. Take her around the town; take her to Santa Monica pier, Disneyland, stuff like that. Other than that, I’m a real street type nigga man, so I just be in the streets.. I don’t be doin nothin major, just chillin in the streets with the homies, burnin big…

What do you think your kids will be listening to in 10 years?

my daughter, I think will be listening to the most popular stuff on the radio I imagine… it depends on how hardcore I go at her on the history of hip hop, and how far I go at her with turntable lessons, and stuff like that.

If I force it on her, then she’ll be listening to nothing but hip hop, but I’m not really that type of pop.. id really like to le her choose, and let her find out now true indeed, there’s stuff I will not let her listen to, but shell probably be like a lot of the young girls out there, whatever’s popular, and whatever they see on the video is what they are listening to.

But the thing is, I expose her to everything.. from reggae, to jazz, to soul, to hip-hop. and even a little rock if that’s what she wants to get into. Me, I’m a big music fan period, I love music. I try not to force-feed my daughter nothin, you know?

Is there a beat that you hear and you think I wish that was mine, the feeling of that, the beat is just so..

There’s a gang of songs like that man.. for example Ras Kass’ new beat , the new song he’s got is so killer .. and big shoutout to my man Ras Kass, glad he’s home.

Game’s “Dream” or that other song.. “I’m runnin… ” (haha) that beat… I can go on and on.. Dr. Dre’s whole last album

I can go on and on about killer beats.. Jay-Z’s song “Cry”. All kind of beats that I really love. That’s the beauty of the hop that I’m trying to tell yall, I’m a fan of the music. I do defari, but I listen to everybody, you know?

What do you have planned for the future?
I got a new album, called Extreme Music which is coming out in the New Year, we got a new single called “the big and powful” that’s a double laced side because we really wanted you guys to choose which side is the best.

Right now we’re working on the Air J’s, got a new song on that called Ghetto, and for you DJs, checking me out, brother will be on the other side, cause I know you’ve been wanting that instrumental, so we putting that out for yall.

And then what I’m about to get on the roll me and Babu will be in a city near you very soon, and exposing them to this Likwit Junkies stuff cause this is the real deal. LJ is the brand new era of soul hop, and we want to thank everybody that went out and copped it.

Everybody at HipHopProduction.com would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity, it was a great pleasure man, you take care.

I want to thank you guys, thanks so much for having me.

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