Due to popular demand, I have reposted the collection of free music contracts. We don’t recommend just downloading these and printing out right away – you will still need to download the file you want, and make any changes to reflect your individual purpose. These are only provided as a starting point for your project – and nothing can replace the advice of a good entertainment business lawyer. That being said, feel free to download, print, share and do whatever else you want with these!
[html] [doc] [pdf] foreign agency contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] copyright assignment publisher to songwriter
[html] [doc] [pdf] subpublishing contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] agreement of foreign agency
[html] [doc] [pdf] publisher royalty sharing contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] royalty agreement contract i
[html] [doc] [pdf] recording contract iii
[html] [doc] [pdf] publisherrecord company contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] event sponsorship contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] copyright assignment ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] artist tech rider
[html] [doc] [pdf] tv moviefilm synchronization license
[html] [doc] [pdf] union booking contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] joint venture contract publisher rec co distributor
[html] [doc] [pdf] artist master producer contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] event sponsorship contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] exclusive songwriter contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] artist producer contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] agency booking agreement
[html] [doc] [pdf] mechanical rights license
[html] [doc] [pdf] productiondistributionpromotion contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] payment obligation contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] master track license
[html] [doc] [pdf] talent release contract i
[html] [doc] [pdf] talent record company contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] master use rcording license
[html] [doc] [pdf] international marketing contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] copyright license
[html] [doc] [pdf] promotional contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] booking contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] personal management contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] merchandise licensing contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] songwriters contract iii
[html] [doc] [pdf] publisher royalty sharing contract i
[html] [doc] [pdf] technical advisor and consultant contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] record codistributer policy statement
[html] [doc] [pdf] copyright license and contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] copyright assignment
[html] [doc] [pdf] songwriters contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] broadcast release
[html] [doc] [pdf] agreement of obligation to pay
[html] [doc] [pdf] production contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] recording manufacturing contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] commercial music contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] production contract i
[html] [doc] [pdf] copyright assignment short form
[html] [doc] [pdf] producer royalties contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] mechanical license ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] artists management contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] personal management contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] talent release contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] exclusive songwriters contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] merchandise license contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] royalty agreement contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] master recording license
[html] [doc] [pdf] publishing contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] artist management contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] recording contractartist
[html] [doc] [pdf] receipt for masters contract i
[html] [doc] [pdf] recording company contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] producermanager contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] record company producer contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] royalty agreement contract iii
[html] [doc] [pdf] performance contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] broadcast recording contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] distribution contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] studio charges time contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] joint venture contract publsiher producer rec co
[html] [doc] [pdf] royalty payment schedule
[html] [doc] [pdf] broad rights license
[html] [doc] [pdf] recording contract iv
[html] [doc] [pdf] artists management contract iii
[html] [doc] [pdf] single song option contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] songwriters contract i
[html] [doc] [pdf] vocalist contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] producers assistant contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] personal management contract iii
[html] [doc] [pdf] photographer contracttiffany
[html] [doc] [pdf] receipt for masters contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] photographer contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] exclusive agent musician contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] video release contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] sound and light contracting agreement
[html] [doc] [pdf] publicity contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] mechanical license i
[html] [doc] [pdf] copyright assignment publisher to publisher
[html] [doc] [pdf] recording company contract ii
[html] [doc] [pdf] artist recording contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] international marketing contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] film synchronization contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] producercomposer contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] producer talent contract