Musical Technical Advisor and Consultant Letter of Agreement

This is to confirm the agreement between herein referred to as "Company" and herein referred to as "Consultant." Regarding Companies engagement of Consultants services as Musical Technical Advisor and Consultant of herein referred to as "Program."

1. Consultant shall render services as Musical Technical Advisor and Consultant of the Program, to attend the recording and mixing session on in the year of _____, ,and to perform such functions and carry out such instructions in connection with said services, including the following:

a. Consultation as to the instrumentation of the orchestra; and

b. Consulting with and advising the Composers of the music recorded with regard to the arrangement of main and end theme (s), bumpers, buttons, cues, trailers, and any and all other music pertaining to Program recorded or mixed at the afore-mentioned mixing session.

2. It is understood that Consultant shall be responsible for engaging the musicians, recording studio, and engineer.

3. All costs for musicians, recording studio, engineer, instrument rentals, cartage, and tape stock shall be paid by Company directly.

4. It is understood that Consultant shall receive screen credit for services rendered. Said credit shall be worded as :

5. Payment from Company to Consultant shall be $ dollars, to be paid upon completion of mixing session.

6. Once payment has been rendered, Company shall have no further obligations to Consultant, other than those herein.

7. Consultant hereby grants to Company all rights in and to the proceeds of consultants services hereunder perpetually and throughout the universe, and to use the proceeds thereof, in any manner or kind that Company may determine without any further compensation to Consultant of any kind.

The foregoing correctly reflects the mutual understanding between the parties hereto, on this day of in the year .

Consultant Company