ADDENDUM TO AGREEMENT DATED _____________ day of _______, 20______.

SINGLE SONG OPTION: The Writer and Publisher do hereby agree to the terms of the aforementioned Agreement under the following terms and conditions:

1. Publisher agrees that if the song by Writer now entitled - _____________________ is not assigned a mechanical license to be recorded and released to the general public on phonorecords by the ______ day of _____________________, 20____, the Publisher shall relinquish and return all rights and copyrights to the Writer.

2. The Writer shall not be held responsible for any payment to the Publisher regardless of the amount Publisher may have spent on the recording, development, promotion, or any other expense incurred by Publisher relating to this song.

3. In the event Publisher is responsible for the placement of said musical composition on phonorecords released to the public, Writer hereby agrees to honor and uphold the Publishing Agreement to which this is an Addendum.

4. Writer agrees that the Publishing Agreement shall be in force and binding during this option period and will not assign the rights to the aforementioned song to any other until this Addendum has expired without the song being recorded on phonorecords for the public.

5. During this option period, Publisher shall not be required to defend Writer against any legal action against Writer for copyright infringement, or any other proprietary right. After this option period has expired with the song recorded on phonorecord, and the Publishing Agreement to which this is an Addendum is in effect, Publisher will defend the Writer under the terms outlined in Article II of the Publishing Agreement.

We the undersigned do hereby acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Addendum.

Date: __________________, 20_____.

BY_____________________________ BY______________________________