Date ________________

This letter will serve as the agreement with ____________________________ (hereinafter designated as "Producer"), with respect to Producers services in connection with the production of the master recordings of performances with the recording artist known professionally as _______________________ (hereinafter individually, jointly, and/or severally designated as "Artist").

1. The term of this agreement shall commence as of the date hereof and shall continue until the completion of your services.

2. During the term of this Agreement Producer agrees to produce ______________ ( ) master recordings embodying the performance of said Artist (hereinafter designated the "Masters")and to perform all other obligations required under this Agreement.

3. Recording sessions for the Masters shall be conducted by Producer under the _____________________ (hereinafter designated as "Record Company"), recording agreement between Artist and Record Company at such times and places as shall be designated by Record Company. All individuals rendering services in connection with the recording of Masters shall be subject to Record Companies approval. Record Company shall have the right and opportunity to have Record Companies representatives attend each such recording session. Each Master shall embody the performance by the Artist of a single musical composition designated by the Artist (subject to Record Companies approval, not to be unreasonably withheld) and shall be subject to Record Companies approval as technically satisfactory for the manufacture, broadcast and sale of phonorecords, and, upon Record Companies request, you shall re-record any musical composition or other selection until a Master technically satisfactory to us shall have been obtained. You agree to begin pre-production, rehearsals, and recording on _____________________, 20______. The Masters shall be, at Record Companies election, maintained at a recording studio or other location designated by Record Company, in Record Companies name and subject to our control.

4. All Masters produced hereunder, from the inception of the recording thereof, and all phonorecords and other reproductions made therefrom, together with the performances

embodied therein are solely Record Companies property, free of any claims whatsoever except as provided herein.

5. For Producers services Producer will be paid a deposit of _________ ($ ) ______ ( ) working days before the start of rehearsals. Upon completion of all recording, re-recording, mixing and mastering along with received delivery of technically satisfactory masters, you will be paid a balance of ________ ($ ). The payment of the deposit and balance is Producers total compensation for the service provided herein. The initial deposit is not refundable to Record Company.

I, hereby agree to and am bound by these terms.

I set my name to this Agreement the ____________ day of________, 20___.




Record Company