AGREEMENT made this day of 20 ,

between hereinafter called "PUBLISHER" and hereinafter called "COMPANY" is as follows:

1. PUBLISHER is the owner, or has the right to grant licenses in connection with a certain musical composition entitled:

by: .

2. PUBLISHER hereby gives COMPANY the non-exclusive right, privilege and authority to use said musical work, words or music or both, upon phonograph or talking machine records, as long as COMPANY performs its obligations under this contract.

3. COMPANY hereby agrees to pay PUBLISHER for every record sold and paid for, which serves to reproduce the said musical composition, a royalty of: ¢ per record. ¢ per album.

4. (a) COMPANY agrees to furnish to PUBLISHER quarterly within thirty days after the end of each calendar quarter, financial statements and to make payment of royalties.

(b) In the event COMPANY has failed to send both financial statement and the royalty check on last day due, PUBLISHER may demand that statement and payment be made no later than ten days after date of demand.

In the event COMPANY has failed to send both correct financial statement and correct royalty check on or before said 10th day:

(1) PUBLISHER may cancel the license to use said musical work; cancellation of the license to use said musical composition shall not terminate COMPANY'S obligations under this contract, including obligations to render statements and make payments.

(2) PUBLISHER may, but need not, issue another license in all ways similar to this one except that the royalty rate on all records shall be ¢ per record manufactured.

5. This license is limited to the recording of the musical composition by the following


on the following record label and record number: and on an album, in the event one is made.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands and seals and have executed this contract on the day, month, and year above written.