Artists' Manager: ______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

City & State: __________________________________________________


1. I hereby employ your agency as my sole and exclusive personal representative, agent and adviser for the term commencing on the above date and continuing thereafter for a Period of

year(s) throughout the world.(Not to exceed 7)

2. As such personal representative, agent and adviser your duties shall be the following: to use all reasonable diligence and make all reasonable efforts to assist me in negotiating for and procuring employment wherever my services may become available to accept such employment: and whenever reasonably requested so to do by me, to consult with, counsel, advise and assist me in all matters relating to my professional interests, which professional interests shall be deemed to embrace all branches of the entertainment business including particularly the motion picture, radio, theatre, phonograph recording and television industries, and including also all other media of entertainment now in existence and hereafter developed, invented or discovered.

3. You hereby accept this employment and agree to perform your required services for me during the term hereof. It is expressly understood and agreed, however, that you shall have the right to render your services to other persons, either in a capacity similar to that in which you are hereby employed by me, or otherwise.

4. As consideration to you for your acceptance of this employment and for your agreement to perform your required services for me hereunder, I agree to pay you, as and when received by me, a sum equal to

(Not to exceed maximum rate shown on fee schedule.) per cent of all compensation (including salaries, earnings, royalties, bonuses, shares of profit and all other direct or indirect forms of income from my professional interests) earned and/or received by and/or accruing to me during the term hereof. As a further part of your consideration hereunder, I also agree to pay you, as and when received by me, a sum equal to the percentage set forth above in this paragraph of all compensation (as above defined) earned and/or received by and/or accruing to me after the expiration of the term hereof, for as long as I shall either directly or indirectly be employed or receive compensation under any employment or contracts entered into and negotiated for during the term of this agreement and/or under any renewal or extension of any such contracts and/or employment and/or under any employment and/or contracts entered into by me at any time in substitution or replacement of any employment or contracts entered into prior to the expiration of said term. Payment to you of the consideration specified in this paragraph is not conditioned on your obtaining employment for me, and said consideration shall be paid to you regardless of whether or not employment with respect to which the same is computed by you or by me or by anyone else.

5. It is agreed that if you shall submit to me a bonafide offer in writing and I fail to accept such offer, within the term of this agreement, but thereafter, and within a period of six (6) months from the date upon which you submitted the offer, I shall accept an offer on substantially the same terms, then in that event it shall be deemed to have been consummated during the term hereof and you shall thereupon be entitled to compensation thereon as herein provided.

6. I hereby authorize and empower you to collect all checks and monies due and payable to me as compensation earned by me as aforesaid, to endorse my name to said checks and to deposit said checks and monies to your bank account, to retain the percentage of my said earnings due you as aforesaid and to pay over the balance to me, hereby appointing you my attorney-in-fact for the aforesaid purposes.

7. If throughout any period in excess for four (4) consecutive months during the term hereof I do not receive a bonafide offer of employment from a responsible employer and if throughout such period in excess of four (4) consecutive months I shall at all times be ready, able, willing and available to accept employment, then upon the happening of both such events either you or I shall have the right to terminate this contract by forwarding to the other of us a notice in writing to that effect, which notice shall be sent by registered mail addressed to the other party to his or its last known address. However, should I receive such an offer of employment subsequent to the expiration of the four (4) month period and prior to the giving of said notice, neither of us shall have the right to terminate the agreement under the provisions of this paragraph.

8. Controversies arising between us under the Labor Code of the State and under any valid and lawful rules and regulations prescribed by the Labor Commissioner of the State of for the enforcement thereof shall be referred to said Labor Commissioner of the State of as provided in Section of said Code and the procedure thereon and the appeal therefrom shall be as prescribed and provided in said Code.

8. I acknowledge that no officer or representative of your agency has any right or authority to make any statement, representation, promise or inducement which is not hereinabove expressly set forth, and that this instrument constitutes the entire contract between us.

9. The execution hereof by you and myself will constitute this instrument a valid and binding contract

between us and this instrument may not be amended or changed in any respect except by written instrument executed by both of us.

Very truly yours,