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1. I hereby employ you as my sole and exclusive artists' manager for a period of___years (not to exceed 7) from date hereof to negotiate contracts for the rendition of my professional services as a writer, or to otherwise in the fields of motion pictures, legitimate stage, radio broadcasting, television, and other fields of entertainment.

2. You hereby agree to advise and counsel me in the development and advancement of my professional career and to use reasonable efforts to procure employment and to negotiate for me, as aforesaid.

3. As compensation for your said services agreed to be rendered here under, I hereby agree to pay you a sum equal to ( %)(not to exceed maximum rate shown on fee schedule) of all moneys or things of value as and when received by me, directly or indirectly, as compensation for my professional services rendered or agreed to be rendered during the term hereof under contracts, or any extensions, renewals, modifications or substitutions thereof, entered into or negotiated during the term hereof and to pay the same to you thereafter for so long a time as I receive compensation on any such contracts, extensions, options or renewals of said contracts. It is expressly understood that you shall be entitled to continue to receive the payment of compensation on the aforementioned contracts after the termination of this agreement only if you continue to serve me and to perform obligations with respect to said employment contracts or to extensions or renewals of said contracts or to any employment requiring my services on which such compensation is based.

4. I hereby agree that you may render your services to others during the terms hereof.

5. In the event that I do not obtain a bona fide offer of employment from a responsible employer during a period of time in excess of four (4) consecutive months, during all of which said time I shall be ready, able, willing and available to accept employment, either party hereto shall have the right to terminate this contract by notice in writing to that effect sent to the other by registered mail.

6. Controversies arising between us under the provisions of the (State) Labor Code relating to artists' managers and under the rules and regulations for the enforcement thereof, shall be referred to the Labor Commissioner of the State of , as provided in

Section of said Code.

7. In the event that you shall collect from me a fee or expenses for obtaining employment for me, and I shall fail to procure such employment or shall fail to be paid for such employment, you shall, upon demand therefor, repay to me the fee and expenses so collected. Unless repayment thereof is made within forty-eight (48) hours after demand therefor, you shall pay to me an additional sum equal to the amount of the fee.

8. This instrument constitutes the entire agreement between us and no statement, promises or inducement made by any party hereto which is not contained herein shall be binding or valid and this contract may not be enlarged, modified or altered, except in writing by both the parties hereto; and provided further, that any substantial change in this contract must first be approved by the Labor Commissioner.

9. You hereby agree to deliver to me an executed exact copy contract.



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