The Beat Meet is a friendly competition between producers. They all must use a sample kit provided by this site. The kit will usually contain a fair amount of drum sounds, a bassline, and 2 sample loops. All contestants are given about a week to filter, combine, sequence, and flip the samples however they wish.

Current Entries


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  • The ONLY sounds (other than bass) you may use in the actual beat, are the sounds provided.
  • You can process the sounds however you want, even if the final result sounds nothing like the original sound. If this is the case, you have to provide information regarding what you did to the sound.
  • You may only submit ONE entry per person (no alter-egos either). Choose your best beat and submit it.

Frequently Asked Questions

ok so the bass samples issue. I’m a professional bassist, can I record sound sources to the track from my bass, or does the bassline need to be granular synthesis made up from the samples in the pack?

The official rule is that you can provide your own bassline using live bass, samples or synths, as long as that bassline does not include extra sounds like drums, voices, etc.


A full Beat Meet archive will be available soon in an easy to view/download/listen format.  Until then, you can check out all of the older Beet Meets here.

Here is a link showing the turnout for Beat Meets in 2003.


coming soon…


Occasionally, we are lucky enough to get a sponsor to donate a prize to the winning entry (and sometimes runners-up), which ranges from software, clothing, signed music from artists and more.  Below are sponsors to previous Beat Meets, please check out their sites.  If you are interested in sponsoring a Beat Meet, please contact us.