SF Beat Battle Winner: pOETiq!

SF Beat Battle Winner: pOETiq!

May 31, 2009
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Congratulations to pOETiq (aka pOETiqbEETz) for winning the Death Proof Beat Battle at the Element Lounge May 14th. 1028 Geary St. San Francisco!. Check for more music at myspace.com/poetiqx.

pOETiq has worked on a number of albums since he started working professionally in 96. He has worked on projects with En Vogue, Kiraly Linda Savina, Jaslyn Carter, and others. In Rap/Hip-Hop, he has done work for The Team, Bill Stack, Lady L.U.S.T., Kandi Cole, Carl B., Cal Cuta, Planet Asia, Rasco, Verbal Tactiks, and a host of local artists. In Gospel music, pOETiq has worked with Kathi Mills and Lawrence Matthews and even produced music for the Childrens Choir and The Youth & Youing Adult Choir at the Paradise Baptist Church where he is one of the choir directors.

And congrats to the runner-up, Chex Mex: myspace.com/chexmexofdor

For more info on upcoming Beat Battles (in the San Francisco/Cali area), check out http://www.myspace.com/phillipdrummond.


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