BeatFellas Beat Battle - June 11, 2009

BeatFellas Beat Battle – June 11, 2009

June 2, 2009
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In addition to the Beat Meet, which brings lots of people to the site each month, we are also going to start posting other online and live battles. Lately, our good friend phillipdrummond has been throwing battles in the San Francisco / Bay Area – and in addition to the live battles, we would like to setup an online counterpart to each competition. The current battled is called “BeatFellas,” and all the details are below:

Below is the link to download the Sample pack and the acapella remix pack. If you’re not currently in the battle and want to be an alternate click HERE ( for the sample flip round.

The zip file which I’m linking you to below has:

  • Mp3s and drum sounds with which you will make your “sample pack beat” (you can use one of the songs, or all four of the songs to sample for the one minute beat you will be making for the sample pack round—but the rule is that you may ONLY use what is in the sample pack except for bass and any dialogue you want to use from the movie)
  • Acapella and original of “Get it off your chest” which you will be remixing.


So to be very clear, you are making for the battle:

  1. A one minute beat for the sample flip round – you must sample the song and flip it to the best of your ability and you can do or use anything else you want (synths, effects, etc.) for it—you may use dialogue from the movie (or any other movie or whatever you want)
  2. A one minute SAMPLE PACK beat—you can only use the mp3′s and drum sounds that are in the sample pack—the only thing you can use from outside it is bass, ANY DIALOGUE and sound fx you want from the Goodfellas movie.
  3. A remix of “Get it off your chest” using whatever the hell you want to make the beat—I suggest you use the original as a reference as to how to sequence it

Beat Fellas Sample Pack:

For more information, or information on the actual live battle in San Francisco, go here:

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